How To Get A Domain Name Through Ionos (5 Easy Steps)

April 9, 2020
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5 easy steps to get your domain registered with 1&1 (Ionos).

How to get (and setup) a domain name through Ionos 5 easy steps

As most of you know, choosing a domain and domain name, are the first steps in connecting your business to customers online via your website/store. When it comes to choosing a Domain name, there are a multitude of different providers to choose from. Namecheap, go-Daddy, and Google are a few on this list. In today’s day and age, most of them are comparatively the same. In other words, your site won't crash, or be randomly kicked offline, if you go with one service over the other. Technology has advanced to an age where it's becoming easier than ever to connect to the Online realm. In the old days,  businesses had dedicated server rooms . Physical places, like you see in the movies, with  rows and rows of servers (usually hot as can be in there) dedicated to your business functionality. Now, a domain is as easy as a few clicks and a “swipe” of a credit card. Server rooms have been replaced with “Cloud” services, and are digital rather than physical elements. Domain is the first step, then one must build and link their website to said domain or hosting provider. This will create your online footprint, in which, people can visit your business or stores online.

Dont' Believe The Hype!

Many different domain services promise a low introductory rate, only to have blinding up-charges added to your checkout. Things like “Site Security” or “Virus Protection”, that Ionos offers free,  these domains charge $20-40 per month. Then they'll usually have some sort of fee that has their own special jargon attached to it, as to trick consumers into thinking it's a necessity. Most of these options are mandatory, taking your $1 advertised domain, to a whopping $90 when you hit checkout.

So without further ado, here are the:

5 easy steps to get you domain registered with IONOS!

Choose A Domain Name

Come up with a domain name that reflects your business. A good domain name is easy for consumers to remember. Most internet users and consumers assume .com when browsing the web. Make sure the name is user friendly, in that, it is easy to remember and will stick in the consumers head aka “catchy”.

Go To Ionos Homepage

Head to the Ionos main page (, and in the top right corner click the Domain and SSL tab; then domain names in the drop down menu.

ionos main page

Enter Domain Name

Type in your desired domain name, where prompted, to see if your chosen name is still available. If not, you will get a message saying “Sorry, this domain is not available”. If you get this message, check your name (make sure you spelled everything correctly) and try another suggestion. You can also try other destinations like .org or .biz, but as I mentioned earlier, they are not as popular with the consumer and may make your site harder to remember. Make it as memorable and “sophisticated” as you possibly can. Its unbelievable how much of an influence a simple name can hold over individuals. Did I stress enough how important your site name is? (haha)

Domain Not Available Error: Ionos

Make Sure Domain Is Available

Once the domain is accepted, Ionos will pop a message with a check by your domain name that says “Accepted” . If you feel confident in your name choice, hit the add to cart button. If you chose the .com option it should be only ONE DOLLAR FOR ONE WHOLE YEAR! That's an amazingly cheap price, take it from me (I tried all the other domain services and this was by far the cheapest, some may say things like $1 for a year, but when you go to checkout you'll have up-charges like mandatory virus protection, things to improve your page loading speed. These add a $20-40 per month charge on your bill, don’t think that's a normal thing!)

Ionos $1 for 1 Year

Finish Checkout (Get your Domain Name: $1 for 1 Year With our Discount)

Click the Continue button in the bottom right corner which should direct you to a page where you can CHOOSE to upgrade if you want. These are not mandatory upgrades, this is your choice Web Hosting and E-Mail are respectively $1 per month. That's a whopping $3, that gives you everything you need to start running your business online! You can use Pay Pal,  any major credit or debit card to check out. You may have to create and account, and should, if you are going to be using IONOS to manage your domain.

Easy Enough! In Today's Age Having An Online Connection To Future and Potential Customers Is Crucial For Small Business Success! Get Your Domain Now With IONOS!! Get The Website Builder And SEO Optimization Coach Free With Premium Design Partners Special Discount!

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