How-to Connect Your IONOS Domain To A CMS (Kartra) 7 Easy Steps

April 9, 2020
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CMS and Ionos

In the previous article I gave you the most inexpensive domain/ host provider, with the most functionality,  (IONOS). In this article we are going to take the next step in integrating your business online.

This step has a few prerequisites that must be completed beforehand, however.

First , and most important, you must have purchased your domain and hosting from IONOS. Secondly, you must  have a web-page or website (website =multiple webpages) to connect to that domain. You can use a CMS, or the free webpage builder you get when you purchase your domain through IONOS. (You'll get it for free with my link, just CLICK HERE)

What is a CMS

So what is a CMS or content management system? Wikipedia defines CMS as a software application that can be used to manage the creation and modification of digital content. CMS are typically used for enterprise content management (ECM) and web content management. Whoa, that's way too many acronyms right? In layman terms, a CMS is what business use to create, and modify, code or content (pics, videos, design) of their online web-pages. Some of the newest and most improved CMS (like KARTRA and WORDPRESS) are drag and drop templates. This allow business to design web-pages and create an interactive experience for their consumers , will little to no coding expertise required. Not only does this lower operating costs (As you are designing website "in-house", rather than paying someone), but it also helps to shorten the barrier of entry between small businesses and the internet.

So why aren't all small business doing it? Seems like a no-brainer right? Well, the truth is most business owners don't have time! They are so wrapped up in the daily grind of getting  their passion (their businesses) up and running. Most people work obscene hours during the week, and most of the weekend, just to stay afloat. Do you think they want to come home and learn about creating a website? No way, as web design isn't their passion. Again, their business is their passion, as it should be!

(Remember: Premium Design Partners offers web design to help alleviate the stress of making and maintaining a website)


So now that you have completed the prerequisites, and have an understanding of what a content management system is. Let's take a look at.........

How-to Connect Your IONOS Domain To A CMS (Kartra: Step-By-Step)

Log- In to Ionos Account

1. Log into your IONOS account, click Domains and SSL from the main menu. Click on the "add sub-domain" under the QUICK LINKS menu.

(We must create a subdomain alias for out main domain as IONOS does not allow Cname editing for our main domain. We must instead redirect, but more on that in step 3)

Create your sub-domain name

2. Create your sub-domain name, check create another sub-domain,  and click SAVE. If this will be your website homepage, you can do some of the following examples: ( ( etc....

Redirect Main Domain To Sub-Domain

3.   Now that you are back in the main-domain menu, click DNS, add record, then the Redirect option in the Cname tab. Again, we are now redirecting our main domain to that subdomain that you created in step one. This redirect has two choices, a frame redirect or HTTP redirect. Oh boy its getting pretty "tecky" right?

A Frame redirect, is when  a user types in your main domain (, Ionos redirects them to your sub-domain (, but keeps the original main domain displayed in the search bar of the internet tab. (

An HTTP redirect however, is the exact opposite. When someone types in your main domain (, Ionos redirects them, but this time with the sub-domain displayed in the search bar (

Create Custom Domain (Kartra)

4. Log-In to your Kartra account and hit the "custom domain" option in the drop-down under your profile icon. Then the green PLUS sign to add a custom domain.

Kartra Custom Domain

Classify Custom Domain

5. When prompted, choose the sub-domain name (Name from step 2, or whatever you chose, you used in the IONOS server). Add your favicon ( The little icon that is displayed to the left of your website on the browser tab when a users visits on their computer, usually your business logo)

Find Your Target Page in Kartra

6. In the menu prompt, click the "Yes I Have Completed The Steps", then choose what page to set this domain to ie: homepage, home. (remember we have gotten this far under the assumption that you already have a webpage or website created)

How You Know When You Are Connected (Kartra-Ionos)

7. Check it in about  10-15 mins and before you know it.... BOOM, "domain has been successfully connected". You will see a GREEN checkmark next to the sub-domain on your Kartra menu when it is done!

custom domain integration completion (kartra)

There You Have It, That Was How To Connect Your Ionos Domain To A CMS, In 7 Easy Steps.

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