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For All Things Digital

Personal stories, inspirational videos, product reviews, and "How-to" articles aimed at helping entrepreneurs integrate into the digital space.


Corey Shirey

Web Designer, Digital Marketer, & Blogger

Certified in both Google Analytics and Google Ads (view certifications by clicking either of the links). You can check out my other qualifications on my LinkedIn Profile.

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In order to understand where we are going, I think it's important to understand where we came from. I wasn't always in the digital marketing/design business. I actually started off in construction (10 years) as a carpenter and eventually rose the ranks to become a superintendent. I worked 7 days a week and over 100 hours PER WEEK. I thought, "Ok here is my ladder to success, it took seven years as a carpenter but I've finally made it to the management side of my field." All that hard work is going to pay off.

Putting in your dues is a part of any job, but the amount of storm you can weather is soul reliant on you. How much you allow others to take, is also up to you. I have always been the type of person to take it on the chin, to a fault; in which I let people take advantage of me because I couldn't say no. I believed that hard work and dedication were  breeding grounds for success. "Good things happen to good people". "You take away as much as you put in". "Ask and you shall receive". All that load of garbage  

However, as life does despite all my successes tragedy struck.Two events that would change my life forever took place a year into my second job as a superintendent. These tragedies would change my life, my spiritual beliefs, and my outlook on society as a whole. It truly was a soul-crushing experience that I wouldn't wish on a single human being. At times,  it would force me to my knees. I spent nights crying, night terrors, waking up screaming; my bead soaked in sweat. I alienated my family, friends, and anyone close to me.  It truly was a reset button for me; in the fact that it crushed any hopes and dreams I had in the future or mankind as a whole.

Looking back , I wouldn't change it for THE WORLD. It has taught me so many valuable lessons, I cant begin to share them all. I think in life struggle and hardship are some biggest keys to becoming a successful adult. You need to feel a little "pain" in order to understand the things that retain value in your life. I still believe there is no substitute for hard work. This is also one of the fundamental keys to success (if not the biggest). However, NO AMOUNT of hard-work, growing through pain, or dedication will matter if you aren't doing what you love. Which is my main point, find a career that makes you happy. Do something that brings meaning to your life. Something you wake up everyday and say,  "I love what I do." This was the soul reason I started Premium Design Partners. I have a passion for helping and serving others and I aim to do that in every aspect of my life (personal and business).

I Hope this blog can provide a source of inspiration or motivation, for you to pursue your dreams. I have some personal stories, which are entertaining, and provide some sort of "life lesson" that I have learned. I have written some "How-To's" and product reviews for small businesses taking the plunge into the digital space. Hopefully, they will provide you with some value, and make the entrepreneurial road a bit easier for you! Thank you for taking the time to read this introduction and have a great day!

Sincerely Your Friend,
Corey Shirey
Premium Design Partners President & CEO