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Wordpress (Elementor) is a popular open source content management system (CMS) that helps businesses create and manage their websites. Businesses can use Wordpress to create and manage their website content, customize their website design, and extend their website's functionality with plugins and themes.

The variety of plugins allows for (usually) quick customization and personalization of websites via plugin download. The complexity of your site is dependent on you the user and you imagination. There are plugins for every sort of niche and business category, making customization extremely easy to do. There are disadvantages to the plugin system as well, it still beats some of the "Full Stack" platforms in our experience.

You Should Choose Wordpress if ...

You like platforms that are user friendly. After you learn a bit
The cost is low (especially starting out)
Responsive designs - Mobile responsive designs are easy to make
SEO friendly (SEO Yoast)
Dynamic blog content

You shouln't Choose Wordpress if/because...

You are developing yourself (if new ).. as new programmer as it can be difficult to learn at first
You can't check for Constant Updates (plugins) 
Most WordPress sites are vulnerable to hacks because of the open source aspect.
Plugins, page builders, and Wordpress don't always get along/work together.

User Friendly

WordPress is an extremely easy to use CMS based on PHP programming language. If you are worried about not knowing how to run a site on your own, WordPress is a great choice. Its not so much about the website as it is the plugins that manage it!

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Advanced Custom Fields

Dynamic content is must in today's digital age. This is great for plugins like SEO Yoast. the level of details that they can manage is staggering, but extremely helpful in making forward progress in your niche.
Dynamic blogs allow users to hit back at the large search engines and start ranking for the keywords and queries in their business.

If you want to learn more about SEO check out our blog :


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Wordpress Plugins

This is what Wordpress is famous for, their plugin system. It makes creating a website extremely easy, within hours you can have you website hosted, selling your e-comm. and writing your blog posts.

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Wordpress Themes

A theme for Wordpress is exactly how it sounds... this is the look and feel of your website. Think of Wordpress themes as the template or "bones" of what you site is going to look and feel like to the average user. This makes it easy to quickly create global classes and style your website without doing each individual item.

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