A Talk With My Dad

April 9, 2020
Corey Shirey

Polar Parental Figures

As a kid growing up my dad became one of the best role models in my life. It's funny because he and my mom are polar opposites. Those of you that know her, and know my family, know this to be true. My mom is LOUD, speaks her mind, and is stubborn as anyone I have ever met (other than myself, I Wonder where I get that). My dad however is quiet, soft spoken, and flexible; meaning he is open/willing to hear your side of the story and or new ideas. Now, I love my mom more than anything. She and I  have a special bond that I don't share with anyone else in the world. My ability to write comes from her, as well as the ability to be stubborn ( most of you would agree). We ARE THE SAME PERSON, IDENTICAL IN EVERY WAY. I'm not saying one is better than the other or anything like that. They're just different from each other, but together they become something special. It's the true best of both worlds/ perfect storm scenario. Imagine being a kid and trying to outsmart and outwit them ; or even better being scolded by them ( As I often was being the trouble child). It's like taking a dip in a pool that's the hottest and coldest you've ever felt. Your body goes into shock and doesn't know how to handle it. If you have ever seen the BLIND SIDE (story about Micheal Oher the Ravens offensive tackle) everyone knows that is my mom. A better description I could not think of. Tim Mcgraw would be  my dad, that is my parental structure in the most simplistic form I can think of to describe.

A Scholar's Discussion

So, with that quick background out of the way; back to the original topic at hand. I was discussing this “new” blog/website idea with my dad; trying to marvel him with my ingenuity and creativity. My dad, being a former computer consultant and database manager, has worked with technology his entire life, and has done quite well for himself. I gave him the whole gambit and raised my concerns/ lack of confidence. My dad being “Tim Mcgraw” was always quick to stop me when I had doubts saying “how many people could explain what you just explained to me right now.” Comforting when you put something you feel as passionately as I do, out there for the world to see. We began talking about change and what causes a change in someone's life. Motivators used as agents of change, would be the thesis of our conversation. As we talked it became more and more apparent how much pain plays a role in change. He asked me a question I don't think I'll ever forget, “ Is it possible to avoid pain?” In other words, if someone wants to change, as quickly and efficiently as possible, is pain avoidable? Can someone truly experience a life altering moment without pain? Think about it, i use the cliche analogy “the stove is hot.” How does one realize the stove is hot as a kid? Well, most times, they have to touch it, to get that blood searing pain sourcing through their hand with the realization quickly following “Man i don't wanna do that again.” At its simplest form that is the message i'm trying to convey in this post. PAIN IS THE GREATEST AGENT OF CHANGE ONE CAN EXPERIENCE. So don't be afraid to take a little pain. To stand on a mountain top alone and say I AM when everyone says you can't be something. To go through the hardships and the struggles the tear knocking conundrums of life . I promise, it will MAKE YOU 100X BETTER BECAUSE OF IT. In the prospects of becoming an entrepreneur this is where the money is to be made. Solving problems. How can you make one's life easier, better, with an  avoidance of pain? I think as a society we have grown to be an “At the Fingertips” kind of time people. We want the latest and greatest things and don't want to wait for them. We close videos online when they buffer too long, if someone doesn't answer our texts right away they’re annoying. We are up to date, up to the minute, throwing our Xbox (or Playstation if that's your thing) controllers if we lag too much in Call of Duty type of society. Not saying that is a bad thing, just advising that pain could be our greatest moment of change.

My dad went on to talk about Mozart, “ do you think his first…. Ummm what do you call it” (he had just got home at 10pm from reffing basketball games AFTER he worked 10 hours). “Concerto” I chimed in (how I thought of that I have no idea). Yes concerto, was made when he was a baby? You think he came out of the womb a musical mastermind? Doubt it, history doesn't see the 17 copies he threw in the trash can, the sleepless nights, verge of insanity mood swings. No, they see Symphony No 41, the one copy that didn't get thrown away he published.” (symphony 41 is one of the greatest musical pieces of art to ever live it's currently third on the list, behind Beethoven). I am truly lucky to have someone as wise as that for a role model. I know people say they love their parents, and they are this and that, but come on! Really!


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