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Custom Lottie Animations

Long Term Client

  • This will be an ongoing project!

Web Design

  • Helped recreate or design landing pages for Taboola ads!
  • These must be easily duplicated as CTA + sections swapped out ad nauseum.
  • Design had to reflect some of the marketing best- principals for paid traffic


  • Created a logical tagging system
  • Tags added to certain categories will add specific header/footer according to the ads topic or (new vs old) style ads.

Archive Created

  • Archive pages so we can keep track and separate out all work that we do within Taboola.
  • Much easier to do reviews and iterations this way

Advanced Custom Fields

  • Used to for content marketers so they could get in and edit and have design changes and integrity stay in tact
  • So every post can be templated and reproduced easily in Elementor

Graphic Design

  • Created a ton of graphic elements that client could use for landers.
  • This included
  • Graphics
  • Custom Lottie Animations
  • animated / video backgrounds

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