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B. Beauty Skin Care
Who they are/what they do:
Beauty product supplier - With a commitment to quality and cutting edge science, every B.Beauty formula is researched, refined and batched with ethically sourced ingredients of the highest quality giving you the best in botanical beauty.
Project Deliverables

Full sales funnel design (12 Pages).

Two separate versions of the sales page, one with CBD, and the other without (for Google Ads purposes).

CBD Page: https://offer.bbeautyskincare.com/getnow-cannabidiol

Non CBD: https://offer.bbeautyskincare.com/getnow

Lead Magnet: https://www.lookyoungerthanyourage.com/ebook

One lead magnet page (free e-book), designed to build mailing list. Customers are redirected to a sales/thank you page after purchase. They are also tagged and placed into and email nurture sequence.

Depending on what price point the product is purchased at, customers will go to that specific checkout and then be taken to the relevant upsell page after checkout. 3 separate check pages for each price point.

One click upsell is enabled, so customers don't have to re-enter their information. 3 separate upsell pages.

Payment Processor Integrations



After a product purchase - Customers are tagged and placed into a list (for purchase visibility and organization). These tags kick off an e-mail nurture sequence, pushing traffic to their Shopify Site.

After a customer opt-in - Customers are tagged and placed into a list where their e-book is delivered. This sequence also pushes the original product purchase.

Email Sequences and Retargeting

The post product purchase email sequence is designed to push traffic to the customers Shopify Site and promote other products. The opt-in sequence is designed to push customers to the CBD sales page.

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