Design Process

A customer-centric approach to design.

Our design process is a simple and easy to digest 4 step system that focuses on the communication between digital professionals and clients.
Step 1

Schedule A Consultation:

The first step is a consultation. This can be done over the phone or through e-mail. In this part of the design process, we want to get to know you better. Some things we may ask, what your business is, how you get your clients, and what your current website is lacking (if you have one)? The more we understand about you, the better we can formulate a platform that will best suite your potential clients. We also encourage you to ask questions about us, but we hope this page will eliminate some of them beforehand! 

Step 2

Content Creation:

In design, a good content strategy that promotes your brand, can give your site visitors a sense of trust and authority. Also, it's very difficult for a design firm, and a client, to have any sense of "control" over a project without a content strategy. This is where we want to send a digital wire-frame, or skeleton of our design. That way you can review it, add, or change any existing designs to fit your growing small business. Once reviewed, and our staff has made the applicable changes, we draft up an agreement and move to the next step. That way, each party knows the specifics of the design being formulated, and we can solidify our agreement in writing.

Step 3

Site Design:

During our consult (in step 1) , we targeted the specific needs of your business and the goals you would like your website to achieve. Step 2, we developed a content strategy to promote your brand. You got an opportunity to review our wire-frames, drafts, and we have agreed on the design process thus far. This step is where we put those goals into motion. What differs in our design process, from most design firms, is the CMS we deploy in your site design. This will allow an easy update process, as it manages all of your information. Admins can easily add or change existing content as they see fit. This will not affect the overall design of the page, just the information inside it.

Step 4

Revise & Deploy:

We want you to be involved in the entire design process, and remain in constant communication. Any changes or updates you would like, will be implemented rapidly. This is a team effort. Working together, we can create you perfect digital platform. If desired, we can manage your website and connect it to any custom domain you may have. Management fees will be listed in the contract, or can be added post project completion.